Lodge Room – Room 2

This room is set with bunks to accommodate up to 4.

This lodge room on Saganaga Lake is perfect for couples, small families, and friends to access the boundary waters. It stands as an excellent launching point for days brimming with adventure, whether it’s traversing scenic trails or embarking on canoe trips. Within the lodge’s embrace, you’ll discover a range of inviting amenities—a communal kitchen where stories are shared with a cozy TV room for relaxation, a lakeside deck offering captivating views, and a barbecue haven for culinary delights. Each suite boasts a private en-suite bathroom, as well as a personal refrigerator and microwave for added convenience.

The sleeping accommodations balance comfort and rustic charm. In the intimate space you’ll find inviting double bunks. Each mattress is generously sized to accommodate two, rendering it possible for four occupants to find stay. The ambiance resonates with rustic allure, promising an immersive and joyful experience for families and companions eager to reconnect with nature. Following your outdoor exploits, you can unwind within the comforting embrace of the lodge, assured of a peaceful night’s rest, and awaken to the tranquil lake vistas that grace the deck.

During peak seasons, the lodge may host other travelers, enriching the experience with shared tales and camaraderie. Yet, during quieter intervals, you might bask in the exclusivity of the entire space. For those seeking the utmost privacy, contemplate the option of reserving the entire lodge, curating an intimate sanctuary for your group’s retreat.

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Prices start at: $80 per night (+taxes and fees)

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