Skiing and Snowshoeing the Gunflint Trail

Summer is not the only time to explore the Superior National Forest! Winter provides plenty of winter activities including skiing and snowshoeing along the Gunflint Trail.

a snowshoe path winds through deep snow

Trail Recommendations

Upper Gunflint CC Ski Trails

Passes Required. 70+ km of groomed classic skiing.

Central Gunflint CC Ski Trails

Passes Required. 47 km groomed for classic and skate skiing.

Pincusion Ski Trails

25 km of wide set trails. Classic and Skate tracks.

Banadad Ski Trail

State Ski Pass Required. Much of the trails runs through the BWCA Wilderness Area.

Snowshoeing Trails End

Trails end campground is a great opportunity to explore some terrain and get a feel for snowshoeing.

Snowshoe Hiking Trails

Trails such as Magnetic Rock are great for snowshoeing in the winter!

Bring your Own Equipment or pick up Rentals in Grand Marais

Our onsite guide would be happy to take guests out on a guided winter excursion!
Pricing: $20 per hour | 3 hour minimum | based off 4 guests [large group rates available on request]
Checkout Joey’s bio here.
sun shines through snow covered trees

Planning your days skiing and snowshoeing the Gunflint Trail

Bring Layers. Layers are essential in the winter months, as you exercise you will be able to shed layers as needed.

Bring Food and Extra Water. Ensure that you have enough and a little extra for your planned outing. Drinking water can be challenging in cold weather, but be sure to do so.

Check-in with Someone. If you don’t have anyone from your party staying behind, then let your onsite host know where you are going and how long you expect to be gone.

Keep within your Skill Level. There are some trails that will be more challenging than others.

Bring a Warm Beverage. Pack hot tea or soup! This will help keep you hydrated and warm your belly while out in the cold!

Bring Means to Make a Fire. Just in case.