Northern Lights and Dark Skies Viewing

Northernlights reflecting on a lake with an arch in the foreground

During the fall, winter, and spring months the longer nights give way to northern lights and dark sky viewing. Planning your trip over the new moon ensures the best light conditions for star gazing during your stay.

Dark Skies

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness is one of the few locations worldwide that has been declared an International Dark Sky Sanctuary. Visiting this area is an unforgettable journey to the heart of wilderness and a glimpse into the cosmos. As day fades into night, the sky unveils its celestial wonders, offering a profound connection to the universe. Within the ink-black sky, a canopy of stars stretches infinitely, revealing the Milky Way’s luminous core and a tapestry of constellations.

Visit Cook County hosts an annual Dark Skies Festival, December 7 – 10, 2023.

Northern Lights

Viewing the Northern Lights is a profound experience that leaves a mark on the soul. As nature’s own celestial light show, these shimmering, dancing colors across the night sky evoke a sense of wonder and awe that transcends words. The magical display of vibrant greens and purples, set against a backdrop of star-studded darkness, stirs a deep connection to the mysteries of the universe. It’s a reminder of the Earth’s natural beauty and its harmonious relationship with the cosmos. A reminder that in the stillness of the Arctic night, we can glimpse the extraordinary.

30 Minute Aurora Forecast

48 Hour Aurora Forecast

There are other apps that you can download to alert you of high chances that the Northern
Lights will be visible. We recommend booking your stay during the new moon to increase your chances of seeing the stars, milky way, and northern lights. Contact us if you have any questions about northern lights or dark sky viewing.

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